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Punch Simulator / Updated

Preview of Punch Simulator / Updated

About "Punch Simulator / Updated"

Main Tab

Click Section
Auto Click
Auto Button Click

Fight Section
Auto Press E
Auto Fight End
Hide Fight UI
Stop Fight

UGC Section
Auto Claim UGC

Mine Section
Auto Claim Miner

Pop Ups Section
Hide Pop Ups
Active Pop Ups

Season Pass Section
Auto Collect Season Pass

Virtual Section
Auto Click Delay
Auto Click Virtual

Ascend Section
Auto Ascend

Chest Section
Auto Farm Hidden Chest

Hacker Section
Auto Hacker Every 30 min

Wish Section
Auto Wish High
Auto Wish Medium
Auto Wish Small

Gifts, Spin Section
Auto Claim Gifts Delay
Auto Claim Gifts
Auto Spin

Equipment Shop Item Name 1,2,3 Section

Equipments Buy Section
Auto Buy Equipment Shop Item 1
Auto Buy Equipment Shop Item 2
Auto Buy Equipment Shop Item 3

Powercore Section
Auto Buy Powercore

Quest Section
Auto Claim Quest

Equipments Black Smith Section
Select to Item
Select to Buy Item Delay ( /s )
Auto Buy Black Smith Item
Hide Craft Effect, Image

Glove Section
Select to Gloves
Auto Equip Gloves Delay ( /s )
Equip,Buy Gloves

Features that make this FREE LIMITED Punch Simulator script so powerful

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