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Upload-Date Oct 3, 2021 Creator xyba Views 2,137

I have been working on this forum for a long time and am happy to announce that it is now officially released. We have some very outstanding features, especially when it comes to the design. I hope I’ll see some of you over there and I’m looking forward to a great time with all of you! Let’s create an ingenious, helpful community! Reminder: There might be a few bugs that I will fix over time. Just dm me on Discord if you should find any. :) Made By xyba.

Muzs A Universal Time GUI

Upload-Date Nov 28, 2021 Creator ! muz#6666 Views 82

This new script for A Universal Time is pretty OP due to its multiple really efficent features like a thug autofarm, npc autofarm, chest autofarm, sand autofarm, DIO autofarm & way way more! (You need a key, which can be obtained in their discord server!) Made By ! muz#6666.

GET TO THE TOP - Win Autofarm

Upload-Date Nov 28, 2021 Creator TOST#1347 Views 50

This new script for GET TO THE TOP allows you to constantly win. This is pretty fun to use due to the reactions of others lul! Made By TOST#1347.

Broken Bones Simulator - Infinite Cash

Upload-Date Nov 28, 2021 Creator Achira Views 68

This new script for Broken Bones Simulator allows you to get 500k up to infinite cash, you can select what you want and unlock achievements with it! Made By Achira.

OP Anime Fighters Simulator Shiny Boost Potion Giver

Upload-Date Nov 28, 2021 Creator egoDtheTurtle#0001 Views 117

This new script for Anime Fighters Simulator is really OP, it gives you over 1000 Shiny Boost Potions! Make sure you didnt use their Thanksgiving code tho, since it wont work if you did. Made By egoDtheTurtle#0001.

10xs Hanma GUI

Upload-Date Nov 27, 2021 Creator 10x Views 203

This new script for Hanma comes with some dope features like money farm, auto intel, auto eat, hide name, auto train & way more! Made By 10x.

Find the Chomiks - Find All 379 Chomiks & Get A Ton Of Badges

Upload-Date Nov 27, 2021 Creator stellar#4242 Views 84

This new script for Find the Chomiks allows you to collect a ton of badges around 100 or sum and 379 chomiks, which is insane lol! Made By stellar#4242.

Tornado Alley Ultimate GUI

Upload-Date Nov 27, 2021 Creator Achira Views 75

This new script for Tornado Alley Ultimate comes with some pretty dope features like give bat, give fire ext. , give shelter key, teleport to bunker, map selection & more! Made By Achira.

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