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Reaper 2 GUI | Infernasu Quest! | Auto Farm & Quest

This new overpowered Reaper 2 GUI scripts comes with a ton of autofarming options and an inbuilt server hop which will allow you to easily autofarm forever basically whilst being afk! Enjoy.

9 hours ago

Demonfall GUI | Autofarm, Godmode & MORE!

This new absolutely insane Demonfall GUI scripts comes with a ton of super useful and effective features, which will give you a huge advantage! Be sure to check it out. Enjoy.

9 hours ago

Pirate Seas | Fast godmode autofarm!

This new script for Pirate Seas comes with a pretty overpowered autofarm, which will kill all the enemies specified in the variable "targetMob" within the script. You can change that to any enemy you want! Enjoy.

1 day ago

Tower Of Misery GUI

A simple Tower Of Misery GUI script, that will allow you to no longer get affected by lasers and to basically have god mode. It also automatically teleports you at the top, thus you can always easily win.

1 day ago

SAITAMANIA | Full Autofarm

This new script for SAITAMANIA comes with a pretty insane autofarm, that will automatically kill all the enemies for you. You can just go afk and leave this farming! Enjoy.

1 day ago

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