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Frequently Asked Questions:

In order to use a Roblox Script, you'll need a Lua Script Executor. Script Executors allow you to execute scripts into the game.
Once you found your script executor of choice, just attach it to Roblox, grab a Roblox Script from our website and paste it into the executor. The last step will be to hit execute, boom done! You just executed your first Roblox Script!

We don't share Roblox Script Executors on our website for safety reasons. However, it's fairly simply to search for one on YouTube, or Google.
Just make sure to do a proper research first, in order to use a safe and trusted executor.

As long as you're using a reliable and secure roblox script executor, no script should be able to harm your computer.
Downloading/Copying scripts from Rscripts is extra safe, since we have a team dedicated to intensive quality controls of each roblox script uploaded to Rscripts. You will never find any malicious .exe files on our website, only safe and easy to use text documents.

We try our best to upload new Roblox Scripts every single day, to satisfy you guys with a lot of content. We have been posting scripts almost daily since the early days of 2021, our team is very ambitious and will always try their best to upload as much as possible.