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Project Tesla | Arm Wrestle Simulator

Preview of Project Tesla | Arm Wrestle Simulator

About "Project Tesla | Arm Wrestle Simulator"

Project Tesla boasts an array of powerful features that are guaranteed to take your arm wrestling experience to new heights. Say goodbye to tiresome manual tasks and embrace the convenience of automation with our cutting-edge AutoFarm feature, which effortlessly ensures your continuous dominance in the arm wrestling arena.

Are rare event eggs holding you back? Fear not, for Project Tesla's Auto Event Egg feature has got you covered! Unleash the potential of these elusive eggs without lifting a finger, and watch as your collection grows exponentially.

But that's not all – our Auto Hatch Eggs feature takes pet evolution to the next level. Witness your pets grow stronger and more formidable as the script handles the hatching process automatically, enabling you to focus on honing your arm wrestling skills.

In your quest for greatness, the arm wrestling NPCs shall no longer stand in your way. With Project Tesla's Auto Fight NPC functionality, you'll conquer opponents with unmatched efficiency, climbing the ranks with ease.

Rest assured, Project Tesla has been meticulously crafted with stability, speed, and security in mind. Experience seamless gameplay without interruptions, as our script is optimized to perform flawlessly under various conditions. Additionally, your safety is paramount, as Project Tesla adheres to the highest security standards, ensuring your Roblox account remains protected at all times.

Features that make this Arm Wrestle Simulator script so powerful

  • AutoFarm
  • Auto Hatch Eggs
  • Auto Hatch Event Eggs
  • Auto Farm NPCS
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