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Arm Wrestle Simulator - RaCc0oN Hub

Preview of Arm Wrestle Simulator - RaCc0oN Hub

About "Arm Wrestle Simulator - RaCc0oN Hub"

A very overpowered Arm Wrestle Simulator RaCc0oN Hub script that allows you to play this game with differently impression. This script has a lot of very useful features, one of them is
AutoFarm Strenght - it will automatically farm bicep strenght, hand strenght, knuckle strength for you.
AutoFarm Boss - it will automatically start fight and auto fught with bosses, also you can enable auto rebirth for you.
Autofarm Eggs - it will automatically open egg what you want for you.
Some Stuff - AutoSpin, Collect Gifts and more!
And as the script has a variety of useful plugins that you can use even in those games for which there is no HUB

Features that make this Arm Wrestle Simulator script so powerful

  • AutoFarm Strenght
  • AutoFarm Boss
  • AutoFarm Rebirths
  • Autofarm Eggs
  • AutoCraft Pets
  • AutoSpin
  • Collect Gifts
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