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Bloxburg Cashier Autofarm

Preview of Bloxburg Cashier Autofarm

About "Bloxburg Cashier Autofarm"

A simple autofarm for the Bloxburg cashier job!
This should work on any executor!

Update: Removed the key system.

Here is how to use it:
1: Teleport to Bloxy Burger's cashier area
2: Execute the script BEFORE entering the cashier.
3: Enjoy! If you want to stop, enter Bloxburg's settings menu and click "Stop Autofarm"

Note: Working for over 4 hours increases the risk of a ban!

You can do the key system via the button below.
I am in the Macsploit server if you need any help! Join via the button below.

Features that make this Welcome to Bloxburg script so powerful

  • autofarm
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