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Preview of Stingray [KEYLESS AUTOFARM]

About "Stingray [KEYLESS AUTOFARM]"

Fully Automatic Level Autofarm

Instructions: This is a Blox Fruits level autofarm script, it is completely automatic and keyless, supports multi-instance and auto-execution. The screen will be black when it is activated, similar to the thumbnail above, this is normal and means it is working, you may look at script statistics at the lower left corner of your screen. This is to conserve memory usage and reduce stress on lower end devices such as Android emulators.

If you suspect the farm has stopped, or something has bugged out, you can remove the screen by executing: game.Players.LocalPlayer.PlayerGui:FindFirstChild("Stingray"):Destroy() in order to remove the black screen.

Script also supports Discord Webhooks, paste your Webhook inside the WEBHOOK variable, and it will send player autofarm status at set intervals.


Disclaimer: Information and player conditions are logged when you use this script for the purpose of debugging, whitelisting and blacklisting. by using this script you are agreeing that information like: number of times script is used, script usage time, levels increased, player level, player status, hardware identifier, player condition if bugged out, internet protocols, username script is executed on and local time are logged but this is only used for blacklisting users that attempt to troll-suggest/troll-report bugs or flood webhooks. This script is also not intended for exploiting, this is merely a snippet of code from a localscript, any use of this script maliciously to exploit in any games is irrelevant to the owner legally

Features that make this Blox Fruits script so powerful

  • Level Farm
  • Fast Attack
  • Auto Quests
  • Bypass TP
  • Bring Mobs
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