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Upload-Date Oct 3, 2021 Creator xyba Views 860

I have been working on this forum for a long time and am happy to announce that it is now officially released. We have some very outstanding features, especially when it comes to the design. I hope I’ll see some of you over there and I’m looking forward to a great time with all of you! Let’s create an ingenious, helpful community! Reminder: There might be a few bugs that I will fix over time. Just dm me on Discord if you should find any. :) Made By xyba.


Upload-Date Jan 21, 2021 Creator Google Chrome & CriShoux Views 39,180

This is the updated script loader for OwlHub, which still works for most of Robloxs fps games, enjoy! Made By Google Chrome & CriShoux.

OP Blox Fruits GUI (Xenos Hub)

Upload-Date Apr 26, 2021 Creator PlanetXeno#6362 & ReaperKing#8745 Views 28,924

This new Script for Blox Fruits is packed with TONS of Features. Made by PlanetXeno#6362 & ReaperKing#8745, enjoy!

OP Game Script Hub (Bruh Hub)

Upload-Date Mar 13, 2021 Creator Someone Insane#9501 & sean.#1749 Views 25,577

This OP Game Script Hub supports the following Games: Ragdoll Engine, Shindo Life, Phantom Forces, Ro-Ghoul -Arsenal & Project Lazarus. It is packed with a lot of OP Features. Made by Someone Insane#9501 & sean.#1749, enjoy!

New OP Jailbreak GUI (alohabeach)

Upload-Date Feb 21, 2021 Creator alohabeach#3448 & _Shadow_#6398 Views 25,265

This new Script for Jailbreak is one of the best out there! Its packed with dope Features and an OP customizable Autorob with Server Hop. Made by alohabeach#3448 & _Shadow_#6398, enjoy! (YOU HAVE TO JOIN THEIR DISCORD SERVER)

Extremely OP Game Script Hub (Dark Hub)

Upload-Date Mar 20, 2021 Creator Bye... #7078, dawid #7205, ffaded #1717, Quility #4520, Introvert #1337 & Felix#0107 Views 25,125

This really OP Game Script Hub supports the following Games: -Arsenal -Strucid -Horrific Housing -Jailbreak -Phantom Forces -Bad Business -Big Paintball -Ace Of Spadez -No Scope Sniping. Made by Bye... #7078, dawid #7205, ffaded #1717, Quility #4520, Introvert #1337 & Felix#0107, enjoy!

NEW OP Jailbreak GUI (Vynixius Rewritten)

Upload-Date Apr 8, 2021 Creator RegularVynixu#8039 Views 24,514

This new & OP rewritten Script for Jailbreak has so much fun to use and really dope Features. From Infinite Rocket Fuel to Briefcase ESP. HOW TO USE: You need to join their Discord Server, which is linked in the Userinterface, very simple to understand and do. Made by RegularVynixu#8039, enjoy!

Jay Hub (Murder Mystery 2 & Mad City)

Upload-Date Feb 22, 2021 Creator Jack1214060#5890 & iFergggg#0328 Views 19,401

A pretty simple, yet Feature packed Hub for Mad City & Murder Mystery 2. Made by Jack1214060#5890 & iFergggg#0328

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