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Daily updated scripts

Views 69,288
4 months ago

UPDATED! - OP Pet Simulator X GUI (DXH) - Auto Open Eggs For Index & Dupe Rainbows & Dark Matter Pets!

This new insane Pet Simulator X script comes with a lot of really OP features like Experimental Rainbow - which allows you to make casual non golden pets, turn into rainbow way ...

Views 43,866
1 year ago


This is the updated script loader for OwlHub, which still works for most of Robloxs fps games, enjoy!

Views 38,246
10 months ago

OP Game Script Hub (Bruh Hub)

This OP Game Script Hub supports the following Games: Ragdoll Engine, Shindo Life, Phantom Forces, Ro-Ghoul -Arsenal & Project Lazarus. It is packed with a lot of OP Features. M...

Views 37,622
3 months ago

OP Pet Simulator X GUI (EzPets)

This script for Pet Simulator X comes with a lot of really cool features like spam autofarm, which is super fast, then theres the visual pets and gems dupe & way more to try out!

Views 30,285
10 months ago

Extremely OP Game Script Hub (Dark Hub)

This really OP Game Script Hub supports the following Games: -Arsenal -Strucid -Horrific Housing -Jailbreak -Phantom Forces -Bad Business -Big Paintball -Ace Of Spadez -No Scope...

Views 28,681
9 months ago

NEW OP Jailbreak GUI (Vynixius Rewritten)

This new & OP rewritten Script for Jailbreak has so much fun to use and really dope Features. From Infinite Rocket Fuel to Briefcase ESP. HOW TO USE: You need to join their Disc...

Views 28,479
11 months ago

New OP Jailbreak GUI (alohabeach)

This new Script for Jailbreak is one of the best out there! Its packed with dope Features and an OP customizable Autorob with Server Hop. Made by alohabeach#3448 & _Shadow_#6398...



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