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Working Da Hood Crash BetterDaHood (BDH)

Preview of Working Da Hood Crash BetterDaHood (BDH)

About "Working Da Hood Crash BetterDaHood (BDH)"

Freshly Unpatched Da Hood Crash Script

(Takes 45-55 Minute with Krnl/Script-Ware/Synapse X)

May take 1-2 Hours with Fluxus/Trigon/Oxygen U since their fireclickdetector() is broken i recommend going to the first person and look to the ground and then start to click for the next 2-3 minutes then you're gonna start picking up flowers/knives/lockpicks/spray cans automatically if you're using Fluxus/Trigon/Oxygen if you're using any of the mentioned supported executors you dont need to do that

Features that make this Da Hood script so powerful

  • Destroy Map
  • Low Gfx
  • Fps Limit
  • Safe Crash
  • Pausable
  • Insta Crash when is ready
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