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The Best Project Slayers Script *CURRENTLY*

Preview of The Best Project Slayers Script *CURRENTLY*

About "The Best Project Slayers Script *CURRENTLY*"

This is a brand new project slayers script that was developed by the user "! muz#8888". So far, it seems to be the best project slayers script currently for free.
You will, however, need to get a key to access this beauty. There are no ads involved tho! Just join their discord server, go to the key channel, copy the key and paste it into the "comkey" variable.

Features that make this RELEASE Project Slayers script so powerful

  • [Main}
  • Auto Farm
  • Kill Aura
  • Fist
  • Sword
  • Auto Collect | Chest
  • Boss Farms
  • Demon Farm
  • All Boss Farm
  • Boss Farm
  • Auto Rejoin
  • Server Hop
  • Inf Stamina
  • Goto Muzan
  • Anti Sun Damage
  • Better Lighting / Clear Lighting
  • Breathing Progression
  • BDA Progression
  • Hard Reset
  • All Trainers
  • All Villages
  • All Trainers
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