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ProBaconHub | Mad City

Preview of ProBaconHub | Mad City

About "ProBaconHub | Mad City"

Current best GUI for game Mad City
By: ProBacon & AyMarko

Owner: ProBacon
Scripter: ProBacon & AyMarko
UI Remix: AyMarko
Extras: Wicky-Picky
Testing(Tester): EvilDragon (evildragon0001)

Beta Version 1.2
Last Update 17/07/23

Auto Leave When Mod Joins
Reset Character
No E Cooldown
Cilent Anti Kick
Unlock Fov

Player ESP
Infinite Jump

Auto Rob Club
Auto Rob Mini Heist
Auto Rob Mini Heist (With Server Hop)

Mod Guns (Maximal
Mod Guns (Realstic)
Infinite Gun Ammo
Set Ammo
Set FireRate
Mod Vehicles
Mod BRRT ($7.5M {InGameCash} AirCraft)
Vehicle Max Speed
Vehicle Start Time
Infinite Boost
Hover Mode (Press Y)

Auto Escape Prison
Teleport To Jewelry
Teleport To Prymide
Teleeport To Bank
Teleport To Casino
Teleport To Club
Teleport To Criminal Base
Teleport To Prison Out
Teleport To Prison In
Teleport To Area 51
Teleport To Airport
Teleport To GunStore
Teleport To Vehicle Mod Store
Get Teleport Tool

[Remove Laser]
Remove Bank Laser
Remove Jewelry Laser
Remove Club Laser
Remove Casino Laser
Remove Apple Store Laser

Change To Prisoner
Change To Police
Change To Heros

[Piggy Boss Event]
Show Meteor ESP
Teleport To Piggy Event
Teleport To Piggy Fight Place
Teleport To Piggy Fight Place Safe Place

Here is discord link:

Features that make this script so powerful

  • Auto Leave When Mod Joins
  • No E Cooldown
  • Cilent Anti Kick
  • Unlock Fov
  • Fly
  • WalkSpeed JumpPower HitHeight Infinite Jump
  • Player ESP
  • Auto Rob
  • Gun Mods
  • Vehicle Mods
  • Car Mods
  • Teleport
  • Remove Laser
  • Change Team
  • Piggy Boss Event
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