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Kidachi V2 Rewrite | MM2

Preview of Kidachi V2 Rewrite | MM2

About "Kidachi V2 Rewrite | MM2"

:NewFeature: Autofarm Coins
:NewFeature: Autofarm BeachBalls
:NewFeature: Autofarm Both
:NewFeature: Autofarm G** Mode
:NewFeature: Max Coin Commit Suicide
:NewFeature: Max Coin Reset Everyone
:NewFeature: Get Gun
:NewFeature: Kill All
:NewFeature: Kill Sherrif
:NewFeature: Auto Kill All
:NewFeature: Knife Silent Aim
:NewFeature: Kill Aura
:NewFeature: Shoot Murderer
:NewFeature: Sherrif Silent Aim
:NewFeature: Outline Murderer
:NewFeature: Outline Sheriff
:NewFeature: Outline Innocent
:NewFeature: Esp Murderer
:NewFeature: Esp Sheriff
:NewFeature: Esp Innocent
:NewFeature: Esp Gun
:NewFeature: Spam Trap All
:NewFeature: Spam Trap Selected Player
:NewFeature: Crtl-LClick Trap
:NewFeature: Loop Reset All
:NewFeature: Reset All
:NewFeature: Loop Reset Selected Player
:NewFeature: Reset Selected Player
:NewFeature: Reset Murderer
:NewFeature: Reset Sheriff
:NewFeature: Steal Gun
:NewFeature: Loop Spam Trade Player
:NewFeature: Remove Trade Gui
:NewFeature: Fake Gun
:NewFeature: Infinite Ghost
:NewFeature: Tp Lobby
:NewFeature: Tp Map
:NewFeature: Tp Above Map
:NewFeature: Tp Murderer
:NewFeature: Tp Sherrif
:NewFeature: Get Emotes
:NewFeature: Expose Roles Client
:NewFeature: Expose Roles Server
:NewFeature: Spectate Murderer
:NewFeature: Spectate Sherrif
:NewFeature: Speed
:NewFeature: Jump
:NewFeature: Fly
:NewFeature: Noclip
:NewFeature: X-Ray
:NewFeature: Respawn
:NewFeature: ESP
:NewFeature: Respawn
:NewFeature: Change Time (Day/Night)

Features that make this Murder Mystery 2 script so powerful

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