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Jailbreak Auto Farm Cash (Un Patchable)

Preview of Jailbreak Auto Farm Cash (Un Patchable)

About "Jailbreak Auto Farm Cash (Un Patchable)"

This Jailbreak Auto-Farm script for Roblox is designed to automate farming tasks within the game. Utilizing the Orion library, it provides an intuitive interface with essential functionalities:

Start Auto-Farm: Initiates the auto-farm process, automating tasks like collecting cash.

Stop Auto-Farm: Halts the auto-farm process.

Toggle Auto-Farm: Allows users to start or stop the auto-farm with a keybind (default: "E").

This script simplifies gameplay by automating repetitive actions, enhancing efficiency and user experience.

Features that make this Jailbreak Update script so powerful

  • AutoFarm
  • Cash Grinding
  • Un-Patchable
  • Un-Detectable
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