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INSANE Script for BIG paintball

Preview of INSANE Script for BIG paintball

About "INSANE Script for BIG paintball "

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Giant Paintball v1
The start of the Giant Paintball script saga! This is for BIG Paintball 1, the original. BIG Paintball 2 will be released once the game is publicly available!

Auto-Deploy - Automatically deploy into the map
Auto-Shoot - Aimlock + Automatically fire ingame
Hop on Game End - Hops servers once the round is over or if total player count drops below 10
Loop TP to enemies - Teleport to enemies around the map! In TDM, they are unable to kill you
No GUI! - if GUI is set to false (or you remove it from the script), then the GUI will not load and everything will automatically run! Perfect for your auto-execute folder!
Place ID checker - was recommended by users to add it, and now that the GUI is optional it is essential it is added
More randomized server hopping! - To run into less autofarmers, the server hopping selection is 33% more randomized

Features that make this BIG Paintball script so powerful

  • Auto-Deploy
  • Auto-Shoot
  • Hop on Game End
  • Loop TP to enemies
  • Aimbot
  • Kill All
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