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Clicker Madness Autofarm GUI

Preview of Clicker Madness Autofarm GUI

About "Clicker Madness Autofarm GUI"

This new script for Clicker Madness comes with a pretty good looking GUI and tons of features, from auto click to auto rebirth. This gui has everything you need in order to afk farm like a god! Enjoy.

Features that make this FREE PET Clicker Madness script so powerful

  • Auto Click (including Combo)
  • Auto Rebirth
  • Teleport to KOTH
  • Capture all flags
  • Auto fight boss
  • Unlock gamepasses
  • Auto buy pets
  • Teleport to worlds
  • Auto collect all clicks/gems that spawn in the world
  • Inf rebirth/money
  • Aut
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