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Build a boat for treasure Halloween Autofarm

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About "Build a boat for treasure Halloween Autofarm"

uhhh so my friend said there was a halloween event in babft so here!!! im sorry for this cancer code my executor doesnt auto indent and im too lazy to press a key oh yeah this kills you because doors make you go stuck, i could've used firetouchinterest but i suck at using it and it crashes often with it!! i added redblue prints because im a nerd and want credits!! if you use this and skid off please credit me!! i was too lazy to put htis in my babft script so its open sourced form, this can be alot better i made this in 5 minutes when i woke up. this will teleport the door that gives candy to you!! you can afk this for candy, i might make a version later on that serverhops u afterwards but executors are so great that you crash after 5 games i love uwp so much. oh yeah thumbnail created with bing ai (prompt was make a redblue anime pirate girl holding a trick or treat basket), i love ai sometimes. i also love anime girls (not children) and this image took 20 generations so be grateful, also this script makes the dxoor teleport in a random angle so its faster to touch you, true or false to disable something you're welcomed. pcall functions are the best im so lazy. okay i should stop yapping now this is getting out of hand. oh yeah now its 1220+ characters i yap too much. yappity yap yap yap

Features that make this Build A Boat For Treasure script so powerful

  • autofarm
  • autofarm halloween
  • autofarm houses
  • autofarm candy
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