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Bee Swarm Simulator Auto Mythic Bee (Basically Infinite Mythic Bees)

Preview of Bee Swarm Simulator Auto Mythic Bee (Basically Infinite Mythic Bees)

About "Bee Swarm Simulator Auto Mythic Bee (Basically Infinite Mythic Bees)"

Since I Saw That Someone Posted An Dataloss Recently, I Decided To Make A Basic Auto Mythic Script. Basically What This Script Does Is That It Automatically Uses A Legendary/Golden/Silver Egg On The Selected Slot Then, If You Dont Get A Mythic, It Uses The Dataloss Remote, Uses A Field Dice To Make Sure U Keep Ur Egg, Then Serverhops, But If You Get A Mythic Bee, It Stops The Script. Credits To Prestiged For The Dataloss Script, Enjoy! You Can Edit The Code To Your Likings, If Youd Like To.

Make Sure To Double Check All The Settings Or Else It Might Override A Bee You Dont Want It To (selectedrow and selectedline).
If You Want To Add An Webhook You Can Put Its URL At webhookurl.

I Know The Code Doesnt Look That Good But It Was Kinda Rushed So I Can Gain More Mythic Bees Before Patch.

Requires A Field Dice And A Diamond/Golden/Silver Egg/Royal Jelly, Depending On Your Setting's Choice.
If The Script Sometimes Stops, Its Because Your Game Takes Too Long To Load, In That Case Change The wait(25) To wait(40) At Line 12.

Bee Placement Info:

Features that make this Bee Swarm Simulator script so powerful

  • auto mythic bees
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