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Arcane Odyssey Script

Preview of Arcane Odyssey Script

About "Arcane Odyssey Script"


Combat / Farms

Cargo Farm

Legit Chest Autofarm
(Walks to chests / Works best if used with platform fly)

Bring All Interactables

NPC Kill Aura

Player Kill Aura

NPC Instant Kill Aura [Premium]

Freeze All NPCs

Remove NPC AI

Bring All NPCs

Loop Bring All NPCs

Auto Fish

Silent Fish

Fruit Farm

Bounty Farm

Cannon Silent Aim FOV [Premium]

Cannon Silent Aim Closest [Premium]

Auto Block


G** Mode

Unlock All Islands

Give Sunken Sword [Premium]

Give Vindicator [Premium]

Give Weapon [Premium]

Weapon Attack Instant Kill [Premium]

Damage Multiplier [Premium]

Set Spawn

Freeze Self

Remove Nametag

Auto Remove Nametag

Anti Freeze

Anti Soak

Infinite Stamina

Infinite Jump

Platform Fly

Walk on water / No Fall

Walk Speed Slider


Gravity Slider


Remove Weather

Remove Fog

Full Bright

Remove Ocean

Multiply Ship Speed

Ship Fly

Auto Eat

Auto Collect Food if Empty


Tp to Story Quest

Tp to Side Quest

Island TP

Player TP

Player Auto TP

Player Spectate



Loop Bring Specific NPC


Player ESP

Player Name ESP

Player Health ESP

Player Weapon ESP

Player Magic ESP


NPC Highlight ESP

All Interactables ESP

Specific Interactables ESP

All Island ESP

All Boats Name ESP

All Boats Highlight ESP

& More!

Features that make this Arcane Odyssey Early Access script so powerful

  • Chest Autofarm
  • Player Kill Aura
  • NPC Kill Aura
  • Island / Location TP Player TP
  • NPC TP
  • Player ESP
  • Player Name ESP
  • Player Health ESP
  • Movement Modifiers
  • Remove Nametag
  • Infinite Stamina
  • Fish Autofarm
  • Walk on Water
  • Give Weapon
  • All Pickups Autofarm
  • Fruit Autofarm
  • Auto Eat
  • All Interactables/Pickups ESP
  • Specific Interactables/Pickups ESP
  • Ship Speed Multiplier
  • Freeze All NPCs
  • God Mode
  • Auto NPC TP
  • Bring All NPCs
  • Remove Weather
  • Instant Kill
  • Lost Cargo Farm
  • Set Spawn
  • AutoBlock
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