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Advanced Slap Battles Autofarm

Preview of Advanced Slap Battles Autofarm

About "Advanced Slap Battles Autofarm"

Best Slap Battles script available, Extorius Hub offers a truly premium experience unrivaled by any other Slap Battles script.

Full list of GUI options (more features that aren't apart of GUI, join Discord for a full list):

** Combat
* Legit
Trigger Bot
Lag Spike on Slap
Reduced Knockback

* Obvious
Slap Aura
Aura Distance
No Knockback
Invis (fake lag method)

** Auto Farm
* Closeted
Hidden Autofarm
Hide Identity

* Obvious
Obvious Autofarm

* Configure
Auto Server Hop
Server Hop Below (Slaps / Minute)

** Misc
* Stability
Anti AFK
Reduce Lag
3D Rendering Enabled

** Webhook
* Disord
Webhook URL
Log Serverhops
Log Messages
Log Keywords Only
Current Keywords (a list of all your entered keywords)
Add Keyword (non case sensitive)
Log Every (num of slaps)

** Moderation
* Messages
Auto Report

Features that make this UPDATE Slap Battles script so powerful

  • Auto Farm
  • Closeted Auto Farm
  • Range
  • Aura
  • Fake Lag
  • Webhook
  • Auto Report
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