Terms of Service

Rules marked with a "V" are aimed at verified users of our site with upload privileges. Rules marked with an "R" are aimed at all users of our website. Failing to comply with our terms of service may result in either an account deletion or a temporary/permanent ban.

Verified Users

V1 - Inappropriate Content

It is strictly prohibited to upload content that is abusive, perverted, offensive, or illegal in nature. This includes, but is not limited to, the title, description, hashtags, images, and the script itself. Additionally, uploading, leaking, or publishing scripts that do not belong to you without proper authorization is also prohibited.

V2 - Duplicated Content/Plagiarism

Uploading content that is identical or substantially similar to content from other websites is prohibited, as it harms our SEO. Additionally, re-uploading a script that you have already uploaded or a script that is already on the site, is not allowed. Script updates should be made within the original post.

V3 - Misleading Content

Uploading content that misrepresents the actual content or function of the script is prohibited and will be penalized. This includes, but is not limited to, misleading thumbnails, titles, and descriptions. If your script is paid or contains a key-system, you must use the appropriate toggle within the upload-panel to mark it as such.

V4 - Malicious Scripts

Uploading scripts that have malicious intent, such as file spammers, Robux stealers, or similar content is strictly prohibited. Offenders will face a permanent ban and may be subject to legal prosecution.

V5 - Reputation

To maintain the integrity of our creator program, we only allow users with a good, well-maintained reputation. Anyone who has been involved in scamming, doxxing, leaking or similar malicious activity in the past or is involved in such activity in the future will be penalized accordingly.

V6 - Low Quality Content

Uploading low quality scripts without any useful functionality or value is strictly prohibited. Additionally, using spammy or low quality descriptions, titles, hashtags, or other forms of metadata to promote your script is not allowed. We strive to maintain a high standard of quality on our platform, and offenders may face penalties, including account deletion or temporary/permanent ban.

All Users

R1 - Harassment, Toxic Behaviour

It is required to treat every user on our site with respect. Any form of racism, hate speech, doxxing, or other harmful activities that target and harm another person will not be tolerated.

R2 - Spamming, Bypassing, Botting

Any attempt to damage our website, such as DDoS attacks, botting, exploiting potential security gaps, will be met with severe penalties. Spamming comments or bypassing the minimum character length is also prohibited. Repeat offenders who have been banned before are not allowed to create another account.

R3 - Prohibited Links and Advertisements

Users are not allowed to include any links or advertisements within the script tab, comments, or any other areas of our website. This includes, but is not limited to, links to external websites, referral links, and links to unauthorized copies of scripts. Users who violate this rule will be penalized, which may include account deletion or temporary/permanent ban. We take this rule seriously to maintain the integrity of our platform and to protect our users from potentially harmful content.

R4 - Responsible Use of Markdown and Content Formatting

Users are expected to responsibly utilize the markdown features provided for descriptions and other text fields on our website. It is strictly prohibited to abuse these features by including sexually explicit, graphic, malicious, or otherwise inappropriate content. Additionally, the use of offsite links that violate our terms of service, such as linking to NSFW (Not Safe for Work) images or content, is not allowed.