Terms of Service

Rules marked with a "V" are aimed at verified users of our site with upload privileges.
Rules marked with an "R" are aimed at all users of our website.
Failing to comply with our terms of service may result in either an account deletion or a temporary/permanent ban.

V1 - Inappropriate Content

Abusive, perverted or generally offensive content is prohibited in the title, description, hashtags, features, images or in the script itself.
This also includes leaking, cracking or the unauthorized publishing of scripts that do not belong to you.

V2 - Duplicated Content/Plagiarism

It is strictly forbidden to adopt content from other websites 1:1, as this damages our SEO.
If you have already written a description for your script and used it on another website, please take the time to rewrite this description and only then use it on our website.
It is also forbidden to re-upload a script that you have already uploaded. A script update does not justify an entire re-upload and is only treated by us as a poor attempt to bring your post further up.

V3 - Misleading content

Thumbnails, titles, descriptions that do not correspond to the content and functions of your script will be treated as an attempt to lure the user to your post and will be penalized accordingly. Furthermore, if your script is paid or contains a key-system, you are strictly obliged to use the toggles within the upload-panel which allows you to mark them as such.

V4 - Malicious Scripts

Uploading scripts that are malicious in any way, be it file spammers, Robux stealers or similar scripts with malicious intent is strictly prohibited and will result in a permanent ban and possible legal prosecution.

V5 - Reputation

We only want to have people with a good, well-maintained reputation in our creator program. If you have been involved in scamming, doxxing, leaking or similar malicious activity in the past, or if you are involved in such activity in the future, it is against our rules and you will be punished accordingly.

R1 - Harassment, Toxic Behaviour

Treats every user of our site with respect. We have zero tolerance for any form of racism, swearing, doxxing or any other activity that directly attacks and harms another person.

R2 - Spamming, Bypassing, Botting

Any attempt to damage our website, be it in the form of ddosing, botting, exploiting potential security gaps, will be prosecuted with severe penalties. It is also forbidden to spam comments or to bypass the minimum character length. If you have been banned before you are not allowed to create another account.