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OP Script Hub (Straw Hub V2)

Upload-Date Feb 16, 2021 Creator Vep#1003 Views 8,769

Supported Games: Boku no Roblox, Blox Fruits, Demon Slayer RPG2, Alchemy Online, Elemental Battlegrounds, Tatakai Reborn, Mob Psycho Infinity 100, Project Baki 2, War Simulator, Reaper, Your Bizzare Adventure, Arsenal, My Hero Mania, Street Strikers, All Star Tower Defense, Heroes Legacy, King Piece & One Punch Man Reborn! Made By Vep#1003.

Dosages Bulked Up GUI

Upload-Date Jun 11, 2021 Creator Dosage#9999 Views 8,660

This Script for Bulked comes with some nice, useful Features. Made by Dosage#9999, enjoy!

Domain Hub V2

Upload-Date Mar 1, 2021 Creator brrrr#1337 Views 8,602

This Hub is one if not the best looking Hubs out there! Everything is extremely smooth and it has tons of unique Features! It includes 26 high quality Scripts for multiple Games! Made by brrrr#1337, enjoy! ( IN ORDER TO USE IT YOU WILL HAVE TO VERIFY IN THEIR DISCORD SERVER, (LASTS FOREVER)

OP Jailbreak Autorob

Upload-Date May 6, 2021 Creator Hazed#0682, Bandwidth#1019, Stan#9415, skullkid12#1234 & Mikee #3245 Views 8,300

This Script for Jailbreak is really OP, I made around 100k in less than 30 Minutes! Made by Hazed#0682, Bandwidth#1019, Stan#9415, skullkid12#1234 & Mikee #3245, enjoy!

FE Headless Script (R6 & R15!)

Upload-Date Mar 2, 2021 Creator trill Views 8,013

This OP Script allows you to have Headless in most likely every Game, it supports R6 and R15! Made by trill, enjoy! (Close and open the Script with P)

PolyBattle OP Silent-Aim

Upload-Date Jan 25, 2021 Creator Bye... Views 7,919

No GUI Silent-Aimbot with Infinite Ammo Made By Bye... .

BIG Paintball Infinite Money Script

Upload-Date Jun 8, 2021 Creator C00lKid1x1x1x1JohnDoe#3504 Views 7,872

This new Script for Big Paintball is so OP, it basically drops unlimited Supply Cases, which then give you a TON of Cash instantly. Made by C00lKid1x1x1x1JohnDoe#3504, enjoy!


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