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Daily updated scripts

Views 17,311
11 months ago

OP FE Script Hub (Nullware Hub)

One of the best and most unique FE Script Hubs out! Has some pretty nice Dance Scripts for R6 and R15 Games as well as one of the best free Reanimations out there! Made by iiWhx...


Views 17,132
9 months ago

OP Game Script Hub (Blox Hub)

This new OP Game Script Hub, BloxHub supports the following Games: Jailbreak -Natural Disaster Survival -Arsenal -Tower of Hell -Bear -Legends of Speed. Made by Bloxi#0001, enjoy!

Views 16,338
11 months ago

Grand Piece Online Autofarm

One of the best Grand Piece Online Auto-farms out there.

Views 14,664
3 months ago

OP Game Script Hub (Solaris V2)

This new multi game script hub features the following games: - Shindo Life - Arsenal - Phantom Forces - Murder Mystery 2 - Jailbreak - Bad Business - Big Paintball - Notoriety -...


Views 14,573
7 months ago

Dosages Bulked Up GUI

This Script for Bulked comes with some nice, useful Features. Made by Dosage#9999, enjoy!


Views 14,527
10 months ago

Universal ESP Script (LunaESP)

This Universal ESP Script works in most likely every Game. It shows the Player in a 3D Box and his Head as well! Made by Archer, enjoy!

Views 14,476
11 months ago

Mad Lads AR

Fastest Money Auto-Farm out for Mad City, enjoy! -- Be sure to put the script into your Autoexecu folder or execute it each time the script Server hops. -- 425k every 10 minutes


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