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Da Hood GUI (Faded)

Upload-Date Apr 21, 2021 Creator Nighter#0001 Views 16,597

This new GUI is packed with lots of OP features, its fun to troll people while making money at the same time with the Auto Farm. Enjoy! Made By Nighter#0001.

UPDATED! - OP Pet Simulator X GUI (DXH) - Auto Open Eggs For Index & Dupe Rainbows & Dark Matter Pets!

Upload-Date Sep 5, 2021 Creator S1NNX#4935, Pojken#0001 & Bryan_D#4158 Views 15,693

This new insane Pet Simulator X script comes with a lot of really OP features like Experimental Rainbow - which allows you to make casual non golden pets, turn into rainbow way faster, which is basically dupe, Auto Rainbow, Auto Farm, Gamepasses, Auto Open Eggs for Index & some fun side features! (You will need gems for the dupe) Made By S1NNX#4935, Pojken#0001 & Bryan_D#4158.

Shindo Life Autofarm

Upload-Date Jan 21, 2021 Creator Keshiki Views 15,640

Very OP Autofarm GUI for Shindo Life. Made By Keshiki.

Extremely OP Jailbreak GUI (Magma Core)

Upload-Date Mar 18, 2021 Creator Bandwidth#1019 Views 15,498

This new OP Script for Jailbreak is packed with tons of OP Features which work really well! Made by Bandwidth#1019, enjoy!

OP Game Script Hub (Blox Hub)

Upload-Date Apr 10, 2021 Creator Bloxi#0001 Views 15,388

This new OP Game Script Hub, BloxHub supports the following Games: Jailbreak -Natural Disaster Survival -Arsenal -Tower of Hell -Bear -Legends of Speed. Made by Bloxi#0001, enjoy!

Shindo Life 2 Auto Farm GUI

Upload-Date Jan 24, 2021 Creator Wumpus#6666 Views 14,794

An awesome GUI which works perfect for the latest Shinobi Life 2 version, just go afk and farm. Made By Wumpus#6666.

YBA Auto-Farm

Upload-Date Feb 12, 2021 Creator Vep Views 14,422

Effective Auto-Farm for Your bizarre Adventure, enjoy! Made By Vep.

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