Daily updated scripts

Nexs A Universal Time GUI

Upload-Date Sep 3, 2021 Creator Nex#7655 Views 1,283

This new script for A Universal Time comes with tons of really useful and OP features! Made By Nex#7655.

OP Strongest Punch Simulator Autofarm

Upload-Date Sep 3, 2021 Creator Ezpi#0474 Views 2,505

This new script for Strongest Punch Simulator requires 120 power before it actually works, so just get that in like under a minute, then execute the script and you will rank up and gain a lot of power in seconds! DONT GO BELOW 0.35 DELAY OR IT AUTOBANS YOU! Made By Ezpi#0474.

Sleazys Clicker Madness GUI

Upload-Date Sep 3, 2021 Creator Sleazy Views 227

This new script for clicker Madness comes with some pretty neat features, which make it really easy to farm clicks. Made By Sleazy.

Boss Fighting Simulator GUI

Upload-Date Sep 3, 2021 Creator Boxking776 Views 446

This script for BFS is a very OP script, you pretty much dont have to do anything at all. Enjoy! Made By Boxking776.

A Heros Destiny GUI

Upload-Date Sep 2, 2021 Creator Septex#9788 Views 541

This script has a very OP autofarm and the autospin is very fast so you wont have to buy the instant spin gamepass. Enjoy! Made By Septex#9788.

Robloxian High School RHS MODS V3

Upload-Date Sep 2, 2021 Creator Memus Views 795

This script is a visual script, which contains things like RGB changing colors of your house or car. Do not use server rgb if your internet is weak! (you might struggle on 1 or more selected players). Enjoy! Made By Memus.

Blox Fruits Auto Farm

Upload-Date Sep 2, 2021 Creator Flamz Views 656

This script is very OP and can get you up to 12k frag per hour. The script has to be in the auto execute folder and enable Auto Attach. Change script settings as you want, very easy to understand. Enjoy! Made By Flamz.


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