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Vehicle Simulator Infinite Nitro

Upload-Date Oct 12, 2021 Creator Ataias#1115 Views 88

This new script for Vehicle Simulator allows you to use the nitro function for an unlimited amount of time. You have to re execute the script tho if you want to change your car! Made By Ataias#1115.

Squid Game Kill All

Upload-Date Oct 12, 2021 Creator jjk#0501 Views 190

This new script for Squid Games allows you to kill everyone, but only with the baseball bat, which you will have to obtain in the night game phase. after that execute the script to kill everyone! Made By jjk#0501.

MSDOS10s Shampoo Simulator GUI

Upload-Date Oct 12, 2021 Creator MSDOS#8293 Views 101

This new script for Shampoo Simulator comes with some really helpful features like auto shampoo, auto farm boss, autofarm gems, fast level up & more! Made By MSDOS#8293.

ScriptRUs Saber Simulator GUI

Upload-Date Oct 12, 2021 Creator Script R Us #6969 Views 173

This new script for Saber Simulator comes with tons of features like Auto Swing, Auto Sell, Auto Boss, Auto Coins, Auto Swing & way more! Made By Script R Us #6969.

Instant finish Nightmare, Normal TWT and Halloween Trials

Upload-Date Oct 12, 2021 Creator Lemonui Views 104

This new script for The Mimic allows you to instantly finish the TWT and Halloween Trials! IMPORTANT: These are 3 seperate scripts! Made By Lemonui.

Project Baki 2 AFK Boxing Bag Farm

Upload-Date Oct 12, 2021 Creator glee#5101 Views 160

This new script for Project Baki 2 is pretty useful, you walk up to the boxxing bag, then you execute and let it run overnight or when youre at school! Made By glee#5101.

Decaying Winter Infinite XP

Upload-Date Oct 12, 2021 Creator Aidez#2792 Views 285

This new script for Decaying Winter is giving you constantly 50 exp, which is pretty OP! Made By Aidez#2792.

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