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Cook Burgers Steal Money

Upload-Date Jul 15, 2021 Creator Kayotic Views 115

This script will pick up money whenever there is money anywhere on the map, if someone uses the ATM, you will also get their money. This is best suited with an Anti Afk script. Hope you enjoy! Made By Kayotic.

Typing Simulator Auto Type

Upload-Date Jul 14, 2021 Creator gottepotte420 Views 275

This new script for Typing Simulator is very simple but is very effective. Hope you enjoy! Made By gottepotte420.

Aimblox GUI

Upload-Date Jul 14, 2021 Creator zzerexx#3970 Views 187

This new script for Aimblox is very OP and works very well, it comes with many features and has a nice sleek UI. Enjoy! Made By zzerexx#3970.

Woutts Anime Fighters Simulator GUI

Upload-Date Jul 14, 2021 Creator Woutt#4106 Views 368

This new script for Anime Fighters Simulator comes with a lot of really neat and useful features like Auto collect Money or Auto Sell Items & Stands. Made By Woutt#4106 .

Rumble Quest Auto Farm

Upload-Date Jul 14, 2021 Creator Smikey2021k Views 104

This new script from Smikey2021k no longer requires you to hold R for your character to kill the enemies. Hope you enjoy! Made By Smikey2021k.

Burger Tycoon Infinite Gems & Money Script

Upload-Date Jul 13, 2021 Creator Hassmaske#6202 Views 154

This new script for Burger Tycoon allows you to get a ton of cash and gems. Made By Hassmaske#6202.

AgentK351s OP Stands Awakening GUI

Upload-Date Jul 13, 2021 Creator Agent#9895 Views 115

This new script for Stand Awakening includes some really OP features like Undetectable fly, Moneyfarm or Godmode! Made By Agent#9895.


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