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Daily updated scripts

Views 146
3 days ago

Murderers vs Sheriffs GUI | Auto Kill All

This new script for Murderers vs Sheriffs works very well and kills whichever role you aren't. If you're murderer you will bring out your knife and click the button, it'll then ...

Views 184
4 days ago

Mowing Masters GUI | Autofarm, Auto Rebirth & MORE!

This GUI for Mowing Masters comes with some pretty useful autofarming features and teleport options. Use this in order to afk grind! Also comes with a built in anti-afk. Enjoy!

Views 144
4 days ago

Jetpack Jumpers | OP Gui

This new script for Jetpack Jumpers comes with some pretty insane features, such as infinite coins and almost infinite gems! Enjoy.

Views 328
4 days ago

Anime Ninja Simulator | (inf coins, inf gems, best pet)

This new script for Anime Ninja Simulator will automatically give you infinite coins, gems and also the best pet in the game! Enjoy.

Views 302
4 days ago

Critical Legends | Style Changer

This new script for Critical Legends comes with a little GUI, that let's you switch between certain styles. Enjoy!

Views 304
5 days ago

Demon Fall | Dupe items

This new script for Demon Fall allows you to dupe your items! Simply edit the variables within the scripts to the amount and items that you want. You need atleast 2 of the item ...

Views 174
5 days ago

SkyWars | AutoWin (open source)

This new script for SkyWars will automatically kill everyone on the map and will quickly get you the win! It's recommended to put this into your autoexec folder for the highest ...


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