Daily updated scripts

Chaos Free Gamepass Knife

Upload-Date Oct 15, 2021 Creator winefox Views 185

This script allows you to select the most expensive robux item from the gamepasses! Made By winefox.

DaHood Victim Menu

Upload-Date Oct 15, 2021 Creator GS21 Views 155

This new script for Da Hood allows you to select a victim and do some stuff to him/her, like target, fix hands, fling & more! Made By GS21.

NAME4YOUs Tower of Fun GUI

Upload-Date Oct 15, 2021 Creator NAME4YOU Views 76

This new script for Tower of fun comes with some fun to use features, which will make others get pretty mad. For example the instant win or the jump height, which when you turn it on and use it will get people to rage quit most of the time! Made By NAME4YOU.

Get Big Simulator GUI

Upload-Date Oct 15, 2021 Creator ɧųɠơ#0001 Views 173

This new script for Get Big Simulator comes with 3 pretty useful features, which make it easy to gain more stregth without having to do anything! Made By ɧųɠơ#0001.

The Labyrinth Autofarm With FE Invisible, Gold Maker & Token Farm

Upload-Date Oct 15, 2021 Creator stellar#4242 Views 76

This new script for The Labyrinth autofarms token, xp and also makes you you invsisble so others cant see you! (you must have an axe in the inventory for this script to function properly) Made By stellar#4242.

Road to Grambys Bring Items To You

Upload-Date Oct 15, 2021 Creator Innocence#4346 Views 96

This new script for Road to Grambys allows you to teleport/bring some pretty OP items to you! Made By Innocence#4346.

OP Avatar Rogue Benders GUI

Upload-Date Oct 15, 2021 Creator LeadMarker#1219 & Sensei Joshy#1060 Views 245

This new script for Avatar Rogue Benders comes with a lot of really OP features like the quick money farm, the meditation farm, the flower lilly farm & way more! Made By LeadMarker#1219 & Sensei Joshy#1060.

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