Daily updated scripts

OP Lightsaber Battlegrounds GUI

Upload-Date Oct 17, 2021 Creator Bee Thrower Views 80

This new script for Lightsaber Battleground comes with some really OP features like server crash, kill aura, lightsaber animations & way more! Made By Bee Thrower.

World Defenders Tower Defense One Shot Gun Mod

Upload-Date Oct 17, 2021 Creator yellowcirclewithface#9208 Views 92

This new script for World Defenders Tower Defense allows you to one shot any enemy. You can either use it to gain stuff or troll others in multiplayer mode! Made By yellowcirclewithface#9208.

War Simulator Gun Mod

Upload-Date Oct 17, 2021 Creator AwsomenessLance#0888 Views 79

This new script for War Simulator makes your gun really OP, which is a lot of fun when you use it against enemies! (This works for every weapon) Made By AwsomenessLance#0888.

Brookhaven RP CandyFarm

Upload-Date Oct 16, 2021 Creator CJStyles123 Views 111

This new script for Brookhaven RP is pretty quick, you choose what you want to get (level easy - insane), then you execute the script and you might want to wait a little until it starts. If it gets stuck at one candy cone just press spacebar once. Made By CJStyles123.

Cams Those Who Remain GUI

Upload-Date Oct 16, 2021 Creator cam Views 97

This script for Those Who Remain comes with some dope features like Kill All, Item ESP, Players ESP & more! Made By cam.

Zombie Uprising GUI

Upload-Date Oct 16, 2021 Creator 6F4H#0001 Views 154

This new script for Zombie Uprising comes with some pretty fun to use features, which make it pretty easy to farm cash and XP! Made By 6F4H#0001.

Viking Simulator GUI

Upload-Date Oct 16, 2021 Creator Mana#9724 Views 97

This new script for Viking Simulator comes with some pretty useful features like Autofarm, Autocollect coins, Auto swing, Auto sell & more! Made By Mana#9724.

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