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SYNTA HUB | Another Mining Simulator 2 GUI!

Preview of SYNTA HUB | Another Mining Simulator 2 GUI!

About "SYNTA HUB | Another Mining Simulator 2 GUI!"

This new script hub called "Synta Hub" comes with support for two games. The first one is Bubble Gum Simulator and the second one is Mining Simulator 2.
I've only tested the mining simulator 2 script and honestly, the script isn't too bad.
The auto mine is pretty good but it sometimes randomly crashes, hopefully, the owner will work on that. Other than that, a very good script hub! Enjoy.

Features that make this NEW Mining Simulator 2 script so powerful

  • Auto
  • Mining (buggy
  • stay ON while active)
  • Auto
  • Nuke (soon)
  • Auto
  • Sell
  • Auto Collect Chests
  • Auto
  • Hatch
  • Triple Hatch Mode
  • Auto Open Crates
  • Select Crate
  • Select Hatch Egg
  • Select Hatching Type
  • Unlock Possible Gamepasses (not all works)
  • Anti
  • AFK (automatic)
  • FullBrightness
  • XRAY
  • Ore ESP
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