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SPTS : Origin OP best script right now!

Preview of SPTS : Origin OP best script right now!

About "SPTS : Origin OP best script right now!"

This is a SPTS : Origin script. It is currently the best script. It has pretty much every feature that you will need for the game. Although this script has a key system, it is still good. The key system will not have any suspicious pop-ups or anything. The key system is just 1 linkvertise in total.

Features that make this SPTS Origin script so powerful

  • Autoclick
  • Autoequip
  • Autotrain
  • Autoequip best weights
  • Autorespawn(respawns you at the same spot you died at)
  • Teleports
  • Kill all(you need to be stronger than other players)
  • ESP
  • Safe TP
  • Tp To safe zone
  • Superjump
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