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Shortest Answer Wins OP Script

Preview of Shortest Answer Wins  OP Script

About "Shortest Answer Wins OP Script"

This script contains a lot of helpful stuff and it's like all-in-one script thingy I also update this script every time asap.

Script Contains:
~Auto Typer: Basically types the shortest answer for you.
~Auto Collect: Collects all cash when it's money dropping.
~Reveal Answer: Reveals players answers.
~ESP: Just in case you need to grab player username etc..
~S&J Gui: Walk speed and Jump power gui.
~Inf Jump: Infinite jumping, If you're a big fan of jumping xD.
~Inf yield: Popular Script, if you don't know it then you're probably living under a rock 0-0.

Auto Collect requires "firetouchinterest" which is a function that's not available on executors that are less than level 8.

Fully functional on: Synapse-X, KRNL ...

Features that make this Shortest Answer Wins script so powerful

  • Auto Typer
  • Auto Collect
  • Reveal Answer
  • ESP
  • S&J Gui
  • Inf Jump
  • Inf yield
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