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Royale High | New Gem Farm Script

Preview of Royale High | New Gem Farm Script

About "Royale High | New Gem Farm Script"

This new script for Royale High will automatically farm gems for you! It also comes with a little GUI showing you how much you've farmed already and more. Overall a pretty cool script, the only downside is that it doesn't have a server hopper but if you have the skills you might want to integrate that yourself. Other than that, make sure to give it a try! Enjoy.

Features that make this Royale High?gameSearchSessionInfo=c6bda025 adaf 4847 96fd bfe4b808c83e&isAd=false&nativeAdData=&numberOfLoadedTiles=66&page=searchPage&placeId=735030788&position script so powerful

  • Gem Auto Farm
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