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New Obby Hub (40 Obby Games)

Preview of New Obby Hub (40 Obby Games)

About "New Obby Hub (40 Obby Games)"

OP Script Hub for a lot of Obbies! Made by jjk#0501, enjoy!

Features that make this script so powerful

  • Escape The Dungeon Obby
  • Escape Grandpas House Obby
  • Escape Candyland Obby
  • Escape The Daycare Obby
  • Rob Mr Richs Mansion Obby
  • Escape Charli Damelio Obby
  • Escape
  • The Cruise Ship Obby
  • Escape The Supermarket Obby
  • Escape The Dentist Obby
  • Escape Sa


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