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Life Sentence | GUI [Open Source]

Preview of Life Sentence | GUI [Open Source]

About "Life Sentence | GUI [Open Source]"

This new script for come with a pretty nice open source GUI. If you are able to get 6 weapons including the fists, you can click "Equip All Weapons" and one shot people with the Attack-Aura.
There is also a robbable ESP and automatically using dumbbells' if you want to be more subtle about it.

The misc section has a keybind for teleporting forwards about 5 studs, which is useful for getting through locked doors and thin walls.
Auto-Mine requires your pickaxe to be equipped.

Features that make this UPDATE Life Sentence script so powerful

  • Player ESP
  • Rob ESP
  • Attack Aura
  • Auto Mine
  • Auto dumbell
  • Teleport Forward
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