ExtremeHUB - 25 Scripts

ExtremeHUB - 25 Scripts

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ExtremeHub is a script hub that offers a wide variety of scripts for various games. Some of the available scripts include: Anime Clicker Simulator, Anime Punching Simulator, Anime Simulator X, Anime Tappers, Anime Training Simulator, Boxing Simulator, Candy Clicking Simulator, Candy Eating Simulator, Case Clicker, Clicker Simulator, Fightman Simulator, Jetpack Jumpers, Millionaire Empire Tycoon, Ninja Legends, Pet Simulator X, Rebirth Champions X, Saber Simulator, Snowman Simulator, Speedman Simulator, Strongest Punch Simulator, Super Power Fig...read more

Script Features:
Anime Clicker SimulatorAnime Punching SimulatorAnime Simulator XAnime TappersAnime Training SimulatorBoxing SimulatorCandy Clicking SimulatorCandy Eating SimulatorCase ClickerClicker SimulatorFightman SimulatorJetpack JumpersNinja LegendsPet Simulator XRebirth Champions XSaber SimulatorSnowman SimulatorSpeedman SimulatorStrongest Punch SimulatorSuper Power Fighting SimulatorLegends Of SpeedGoal Kick SimulatorMining Simulator 2Pet Gods SimulatorSlime Tower Tycoon

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