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Critical Legends + Critical Legends 2 Gui

Preview of Critical Legends + Critical Legends 2 Gui

About "Critical Legends + Critical Legends 2 Gui"

This new insane GUI works with almost every executor and supports Critical Legends 1 and Critical Legends 2! There are some pretty features which will allow you to auomatically kill mobs, collect chests & MORE! Enjoy.

Features that make this Critical Legends x3 EVENT script so powerful

  • Auto Mob
  • FullBright
  • Auto Chests
  • Auto Materialgivers
  • Black Market Dealer Finder
  • GodMode
  • WalkSpeed
  • JumpPower
  • Infinite Jump
  • G Noclip
  • N NonePlatrform Noclip
  • B Fly
  • Anti Lag
  • Teleport to RandomPlayer
  • LagSwitch
  • Se
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