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Celestial Hub (30+ Supported Games)

Preview of Celestial Hub (30+ Supported Games)

About "Celestial Hub (30+ Supported Games)"

Celestial Hub is a newly released Hub with support for over 30 games in total.
Their script is very well developed and comes with a beautiful and custom UI library. Feel free to join their discord server to support them and let them know if a script requires an update etc.

Features that make this UPD Mining Clicker Simulator script so powerful

  • Mining Clicker Simulator
  • Mining Simulator 2
  • Tapping Simulator
  • Clicking Simulator
  • Space Reborn
  • Yo Yo Simulator
  • Firework Simulator
  • Pinata Legends
  • Pet Tapping Simulator
  • Anime Legends Simulator
  • Strongest Tapper Simulator
  • One Punch Fighters Clicker
  • More...
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