Info Thread/Script Rules

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1. Posting Work, that isn't yours
If you ever use, post or include someones work in your script/threads, credits must be included. We're not against skidding as long as you actually learn from it and give credits to the orginial owner!

2. Posting Work, that was made by friends
If your friend does not want to sign up at this forum, but wants to post a thread it's fine as long as he/she hasn't got an account here. If he/she does have an account and you still post it, it will be removed, since thanks will be added to your account and not his/her!

3. Inappropriate Titles/Descriptions/File Names
Since we want to keep everything user friendly and SEO friendly, you're not allowed to use inappropriate titles, words in the description or file names. 

4. Game Links
Attempting to include fake Roblox links (Phishing Links) will instantly lead to an IP ban from the forums.

5. Pornography Userinterface 
Any sort of pornography material in the script, means Userinterface is strongly prohibited, since we also won't be able to upload your script on to promote it! 
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