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Info Forum Rules

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1. No Raiding, Flooding or Spamming with Theads & Posts.
Constantly sending out Posts or Threads as well as trying to Raid the Forum, will result in an IP ban.

2. Treat every Member with Respect.
Please treat other Members how you would like to be treated. Avoid insulting the race, sex, scripts & the religious views of other Members.

3. No Advertising
Advertising any kind of other Company, real Money for in-game Items/Currency Bussines or other Websites is frobbiden.

4. Arguments
Arguing in Threads or Posts is not allowed. If you have any Problem/Issue with a Member, you can report him/her and the Staff team will gladly help you out.

5. NSFW/Pornography
Any sort of "visible" pornography material is prohibited! - You can still discuss about that Topic, but you're not allowed to send any type of Video, GIF or Picture containing that kind of Content.

6. Reputation & Thank System
If the Staff Team finds out about any suspicous Alternative Accounts used to gain Reputation and Thanks on your own Threads, your Accounts will be suspended.

7. Manipulation & False Reports
Attempting to manipulate the Staff Team and/or abusing the Report System won't be tolerated and will result an immediate IP ban from the Forum.

8.Administarive penalty
The Rscripts Staff team always has the right to decide how harsh a punishment can get.

9. Illegal activities - Spreading Malware
Every sort of logging Keylogging, Tokenlogging, ddosing, IP grabbing and spreading Malware is going to result in an instant IP ban from the Forum.
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In a nutshell:

Be brave.
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